Sunday, May 16, 2010

Initials Inc Winner

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Can I just tell you that counting to comment 106 is a little hard??

When I was 15 I worked at Astroworld one summer. Every night we would have to count our till. And I would count it over and over and every. single. time. I would get a different number. I decided then that that must be what hades was, counting a bag of money over and over when you are exhausted and want to go home, and getting a different number every time.

This brought back a flashback.

HOWEVER. After counting this three times, the winner is:

Counting My Blessings

She is a mom who had three babies in three years, and I have a special place in my heart for those mommies. Or should I say mummies, because she is also from Australia! G'day, mate! You won!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Initals Inc Giveaway

Initials Inc contacted me about doing a giveaway and I was thrilled. Not only do you get something, but I got to choose a hippie bag from their catalog (page 10), and I cannot tell you how cool I have felt walking around with my hippie bag.

Because I'm 40, remember? Being cool takes a little more effort these days.

So don't tell anyone that I choose the hippie bag not only because it is adorable but also because it goes over the shoulder, which immensely helps my 85 year old back (hey, y'all saw the Xrays.) It is also very well made - this bag is not flimsy. It feels expensive.

Y'all, I am a total sucker for a monogram. And monograms are what Initials Inc does best.

Initials, Inc. was founded by Sisters Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall, shortly after they became SAHM’s. During that time they loved being home with their children but found that they were seeking three things; to be challenged creatively, to have flexibility in schedule and to contribute financially to their homes…but they didn’t want to give up time with their young families to get it. Initials, Inc. was created to meet those needs as women and new mothers. Over time, they quickly realized that the solution that they created for themselves could be a blessing to other women. Initials, Inc. officially launched in February 2005. Today, Initials, Inc. is national in scope and is supporting women and families all across the country through home parties selling personalized gifts!

You can shop, host a party (one of the few home parties that I would RSVP yes to), or learn how to start your own bidness here.

And here's the good part - Initials Inc is offering one lucky Naptime reader $50 to spend in their catalog!

Here's how it works:
  1. Go look at the catalog and tell me one thing you might buy if you won. (It will be hard to choose just one!) (And I love the cool sound the pages make when they turn.)
  2. Leave a comment here saying what your choice was
  3. If you don't have a blog, then for the love of all things monogrammed, leave your email in the comment. If you are chosen and you don't make it easy for me, I will not hunt you down, sister. I will choose another winner. That's the tough love kinda momma I am.
  4. If you post this on your blog, leave another comment telling me you did that.
  5. If you post this on twitter, leave another comment telling me you did that.
  6. If you post this on facebook, leave another comment telling me you did that.
  7. I will draw a winner on Saturday.
Good luck!

Jumpstart Winner

Random Integer Generator

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Queen Bee's Sweet Spot

Queen Tracy, you just won three months of free babysitting!! Congrats!!